Why Alberto Del Rio Missed RAW, Simmons Turns 54, More


— Kevin Von Erich turns 55 years old today.

— Ron Simmons turns 54 years old today.

— Alberto Del Rio missed RAW last night due to the fact that traveling back from Japan on Monday. Del Rio was doing promotional work for the upcoming tour in Japan.

— Here are the latest updates for the WWE Classics OnDemand service…

The Big Events:

* No Way Out 2004

Classics Rewind:

* Tuesday Night Titans 5/17/85


* The Greatest Cage Matches of All time Part 2


* WCW World Championship: Ready to Rumble Triple Threat Cage Match- David Arquette vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Diamond Dallas Page Slamboree 2000

* ECW World Tag Team Championship: Dudley Boyz vs. Tommy Dreamer & Raven ECW on TNN 8/26/99

* WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Tables, Ladders and Chairs- Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk Summerslam 2009

* Eric Bischoff interviews Kevin Nash & Scott Hall Great American Bash 1996

* WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Battle Royal for Vacant championship Smackdown 1/13/06

Original Sheik:

* Intercontinental Championship: Pat Patterson vs. Ken Patera MSG 4/21/80

* ECW World Championship: Three Way Dance- Sabu vs. Terry Funk vs. Shane Douglas Hardcore Heaven 1997

* Dusty Rhodes becomes the American Dream CWF 1974

* Two Ring 12 Man Tag Team Match: Von Erichs & The Freebirds vs. One Man Gang, Steve Williams, Chris Adams, Rip Rogers, Kamala & Gino Hernandez

TV Classics:

* Monday Night Wars: 5/5/97

* Monday Night Wars: 5/12/97

* NWA’s WCW on TBS 4/9/88

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