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NewsWhy Did Brock Lesnar Go Off-Script At WWE Elimination Chamber 2022?

Why Did Brock Lesnar Go Off-Script At WWE Elimination Chamber 2022?



Brock Lesnar went off-script during the Men’s Elimination Chamber match last weekend as he knew that WWE were running out of time during their broadcast.

At Elimination Chamber 2022, Lesnar captured his tenth WWE World Championship after then-Champion Bobby Lashley was taken out of the match due to injury.

Lesnar was meant to enter the match after Lashley, but with the Almighty out of the match, there would have been a ten-minute gap between entrants before Lesnar’s pod opened.

Instead, Lesnar smashed his pod open to enter the match, minutes before WWE had planned for him to start.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it’s reported that Lesnar was aware that WWE were running out of time for the Premium Live Event, and the show was going to go off the air, even if it was before the match was over.

Lesnar reportedly thought Lashley’s pod opening was a mistake, and that his pod was supposed to open, so he physically broke out of his pod, and then entered the match.

The other participants in the match were not aware that Lesnar would be entering early, and had other spots planned, but knew that once he entered the match it was time to finish.

Lashley has been dealing with a shoulder injury since Royal Rumble and despite entering the Chamber, WWE never planned on him competing in the structure.

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