Why Eve Torres Recently Visited NXT + 5+ Future Divas


We noted yesterday here on the website that former WWE Diva Eve Torres was spotted at WWE’s developmental/NXT territory last week. Torres tweeted the following about the NXT trip: Had a chance to meet some new WWE Diva “prospects” yesterday. Great group of beautiful, athletic, talented women. Future’s looking bright!

In an update on this, the reason Eve was visiting at WWE developmental/NXT was to meet and work with ten future Diva prospects that were found in a Diva Search that took place in Los Angeles last month. Most of the women selected were from modeling agencies and out of the ten women selected to start training, WWE has already cut five from the program. The women went through a month-long training program and worked with NXT trainers Sara Del Rey, Bill DeMott and either Ricky Steamboat or Dusty Rhodes.

One of the models who was cut, Olivia Karpinski, interacted with Eve on Twitter. She also confirmed to a fan that she was one of the women cut but that five others made it through the camp.

Here are some of the “Divas”/models who participated in the training camp:

* Olivia Karpinski – A print and commercial model, fitness coach. She was cut.

* Joseann Offerman – A singer & model.

* Natalie Eva Marie – An Actress, model, 2012 Powertec Fashion Model winner.

* Aimee Fogelman – A model.

* Maysa Quy – A IFBB Pro Bombshell Athlete.

* Jenn Sterger – A model, actress and TV host.

* CJ Perry – A Red Bull model and spokesperson.

* Courtney Camero – A “Jaguar” from VH1?s “For the Love of Ray-J 2”

Karpinski posted a photo from the training camp. Sara Del Ray, Eve Torres and the other models listed above are shown in the picture. If you’re interested, you can click here to view the photo. You’ll likely be seeing some of these “Divas” in the future unless they are cut.

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