Why Is Curtis Axel Getting A Major Push?, Details


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

Word is that Triple H has always been very high on Curtis Axel (the former Michael McGuillicutty) and has been a driving force to get him a new push on WWE TV. While Triple H has always been supporting of him, many questioned the booking of RAW last night as many people backstage were left wondering how much Triple H really helped the repackaged star by not losing clean at the end of RAW.

As noted earlier here on the website, Axel was originally going to be called just “Curt”. The name was changed just before he debuted, but the Titantron last night had the old name. This goes to show you how fast changes are made in WWE.

The other supporter is The Rock. During his latest WWE run, The Rock did most of his in ring training with Axel to prepare for his run of pay-per-view matches.

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