Why John Cena & Vince McMahon Are Returning On RAW


As we reported over the weekend, John Cena will be at this week’s WWE RAW from Sacramento, California. Cena will appear on the syndicated talk show “Live with Kelly & Michael” on Monday morning to promote the show. According to a tout video Cena posted over the weekend, the appearance appears to have been pre-taped over the weekend. As of now, there is no word on if he will appear in-studio with the two. If he does, that will mean he’ll have to fly from New York to California in order to make it to RAW.

According to sources, Cena was originally going to miss RAW this week but that changed when the low rating from last week came in. The Vince McMahon return is also a direct result of the low RAW rating. As of now, Vince is expected to open the show at 8EST but that could easily change.

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