Why Lilian Garcia Was Replaced, Christian Heel Turn?


— WWE returns to the Show Me Center at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, Missouri on Friday, August 24th.

— Matt Striker replaced Lilian Garcia as announcer for this past weekend’s house shows because Garcia had a family situation in South Carolina.

She tweeted: “In SC w my dad celebrating the fact that his test results came back negative 4 Cancer. Been a rough few months waiting 4 results! #OverJoyed”

— WWE has posted a new article asking how far Christian will go to stay Intercontinental champion. They hinted that he may use heel tactics since he’s been a heel for most of his career.

They wrote: “Considering a history of jealousy and other nefarious traits, what might Captain Charisma do to stay on top after injuries and setbacks kept him from it for so long? For now, the WWE Universe can merely trust that this Christian really is for the Peeps. And, if the signature smile proves to be a signal of another con job during his current title run, all we can do is simply grin and bear it.”

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