Why Steve Austin Wasn’t On RAW Last Night + JBL/RAW


— JBL commented on appearing on last night’s Raw, posting the following… “Was awesome to be back on @wwe Raw. And more so to be back with Ron as part of APA, and was fun to hit one more clothesline from hell! Thought the show was awesome, was incredible to be around such great legends again, felt like old times, and an incredible show.”

— Following Monday night’s WWE 1,000th RAW event, there was a lot of talk that Steve Austin was not a part of the show.

While it was rumored that he was in town, the truth is that Austin was in California working on the new Adam Sandler movie – Grown Ups 2. He is also dealing with a knee injury and recently had surgery. Due to his filming schedule and recent surgery, Austin simply could not get the time away to work the show. WWE officials did contact him about appearing though.

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