​Why WWE Doesn’t Turn John Cena Heel, Meet Ric Flair


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— As we’ve reported several times here on the website, WWE has
always been hesitant to turn John Cena heel due to how much merchandise he sells
and also how over he is with children. For what it’s worth, Cena is obviously
the leader in sales and sells five times more merchandise than the number two
top seller in the company.

— As noted last week here on the website, CM Punk is still under
contract with WWE. He has not been released, suspended or fired. His merchandise
is still being sold at WWE live events and on WWE.com. Punk is being paid a
large sum of royalties for the merchandise, as he is the #2 seller in the
company behind John Cena.

— Also as previously reported here on the website, Triple H
suffered a muscle injury during his match against Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania
30. The injury is said to not be too serious, but there was noticeable bruising
after the match. This is why Triple H’s leg was taped up on the
post-WrestleMania edition of Monday night RAW.

— WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair is scheduled to sign autographs on
Saturday, May 3rd at the Frank & Son’s Collectible Show in City of Industry,
California. He’ll be there from 12:30PM until 3PM and is charging $49 for a
simple autograph. If you want a photo with Flair, you’ll need to pay $59. If you
want both an autograph and photo, it’ll cost you $99. What a deal …. ?!?!

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