Why WWE Is Heavily Promoting Partnership With Tout


WWE released a press release about their new deal with Tout that will begin with the 1000th episode of RAW.

WWE fans will have the opportunity to be featured with real-time video updates on WWE television, WWE.com and through WWE’s social media presence and on the in-arena video displays. WWE superstars will interact with fans with Tout question and answer sessions before the event. WWE will also launch “Tout Tuesdays”, which will allow fans to discuss what happened the previous night on RAW. The Tout platform will allow WWE to do all of this on WWE.com.

Vince McMahon said: “‘WWE looks forward to partnering with Tout to grow this innovative social media platform. Tout’s real-time video technology will become a critical component of fan interactivity in our weekly television programming and will be utilized to connect WWE directly with our fans in new ways.”

Tout is a social media platform that lets users shoot fifteen second video status updates with smartphones and webcams. They are published real-time to Tout.com, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, SMS and email contacts. With the reply feature, users can engage in Tout conversations.

Meanwhile, Tech Crunch reports that the reason WWE is pushing the service so hard is that they have invested in it.

The platform itself claims to have 23 million users.

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