Why Y2J Had A Black Eye + Jannetty Needs Your Help


— If you saw Monday Night RAW this week, you would have noticed that Chris Jericho had a black eye. Word is that it was actually caused from his match with Jack Swagger on SmackDown the week before.


— The Honky Tonk Man is asking fans to help Marty Jannetty set up an IndieGoGo account so that he can get ankle surgery. He wrote: “Just talked to Marty Jannetty. I saw his ankle. Needs surgery ASAP. To proud to ask for help.. A real man in need. Can we help? HTM says this is how we help real people in need. If someone can help Marty set up the Indiegogo please contact him.”

Jannetty saw the tweets and replied: “@OfficialHTM Thanx Honky for all the help, you’re the best my brother…will take me a lil minute but I’ll figure this Twitter stuff out!!!”

— Here is the updated iPPV card for the World Wrestling League debut, which takes place April 21st…

* Ricky “El Mesias” Banderas vs “Texano Jr” (c) – AAA Mega Championship match

* Blue Demon Jr. vs Oliver John (c) – California’s New Revolution World title match

* 20 Man Battle Royal to crown the first WWL World Champion featuring Michael Tarver, Prince Al Farat and more names to be announced.

* Ivelisse Velez vs Alyssa Flash – New Revolution Women’s World title match

* Samoa Joe vs “The Monster” Abyss

* “Cowboy” James Storm & Bobby Roode vs Christopher Daniels & a Mystery Partner

* Mini’s in action: Mini Chupa-Cabra vs Mini Pierroth

* Monster Pain w/ Mistress Glenda Lee vs Giant Demento

* “Los Mamitos” Sexy B. & Mr. E. vs “Los Mega-10” Panama-Jack Daniels & Mega-Star

* “Mr. Wrestling Classic” Steve Corino vs Colt Cabana

* Rico Cassanova (c) vs “Tokyo Monster” Kahagas – DWE World title match

* Three Way Dance: “Hijo de Rey Mysterio” vs Octagon Jr vs Axel “El Nieto del Santo”

* Cruzz (c) vs Nick Romano – Mid-West US title match

* Hercules Gomez (c) vs “Face of Fear” Ash – Pennsylvania WXW title match

* “S.A.T’s” Joel Savinovich & Jose Cabrera vs Erick Scorpion & Masato.

You can order the show at this link.

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