Widespread Concern In TNA Over Spike TV Situation


Source: Wrestling Observer newsletter

It’s been written about a few times already but it was mentioned again by a couple of people to Dave Meltzer that there is widespread concern in TNA across the board about the company TV situation. TNA management has told the talent not to worry about anything but those that know how the TV industry works are seeing stations putting together their fall lineups and still nothing has been announced for TNA on Spike. TNA should be safe unless they make a huge bid for WWE and they do still have ratings above the station average and they can still be used to promote Bellator and Glory kickboxing shows.

One thing to note is that WWE left Spike on bad terms and they did blame Spike for their decline in popularity from 2000 to 2005 but it’s been 9 years and if the right offer came from Spike they would probably jump at it.

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