Will John Cena Work Weekend WWE Live Events?


— At this time, John Cena is still being advertised for the WWE Live Events this weekend in North Charleston, SC, Jacksonville, FL and Moline, IL. Cena is scheduled to face Randy Orton all three nights.

— The Masked Mania event in Philadelphia, PA at the former ECW Arena will be a live iPPV through Highspots. You can pre-order the show at this link. The following is scheduled for the show…

* Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. LA PARK

* Trios Match: Ophidian Cobra & The Madjai Amasis & Green Ant vs. Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy & Papadon

* The Pro Wrestling Revolution World Minis Title will be defended.

* Also set for the show are Damien 666, Bestia 666, Solar, Negro Navarro, El Exotico Cassandro, Sabu, Christina Von Eerie, Luke Hawx, Blk Jeez, Ruckus, Ultimo Panda, and Latin Dragon.

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