Will Linda McMahon Run Again In 2014?, Details


Linda McMahon has conceded in her race for the Connecticut US Senate race. Linda spent over $100 million between the two failed campaigns.

She has announced that she will not run for office in 2014.

We will have a video of her speech later this morning.

Here is our earlier report:

As noted earlier, Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy is the projected winner against Republican Linda McMahon in Connecticut’s U.S. Senate race, according to The Associated Press, CBS News, ABC News, NBC News, MSNBC and CNN.

The Associated Press called the race for Murphy just 30 minutes after the polls closed, as he was leading 54% to 45%.

The former WWE CEO spent $50 million of her personal fortune in her failed 2010 campaign against Richard Blumenthal, and she is believed to have spent about as much against Murphy. Between both campaigns, McMahon has now spent a cumulative total of over $90 million in pursuit of federal office. Some say it’s ever more than that. That is also more than any other American in history.

An article on McMahon’s loss is available here.

Another article is available here.

Before everyone starts in with the “PG era is over!” comments (and you know they will!), it should be noted that Linda McMahon’s senate campaign has very little to do with the current PG rating. It is well known that the main reason behind the “PG” rating has to do with sponsors and advertisers. Also, you can still put on a great product with a “PG” rating as long as the creative writing is good. Simply put, that’s WWE’s main problem these days – creative.

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