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Will Ospreay Comments After Japanese Government Lifts Restrictions On Crowd Cheering At Events


The COVID-19 pandemic forced people to change their lifestyles as organizations took extra measures to change their modes of operations. Now that the world is returning to normalcy, the Japanese government plans on lifting the COVID-19 restrictions on their domestic events.

Kyodo News reports that the Japanese government will now allow spectators and attendees to shout, clap, and cheer at live events when they are filled to capacity. The COVID-19 rules largely affected Japanese wrestling events for NJPW and other indie promotions.


According to the new rule, fans will be allowed to cheer or raise their voices at professional sports, gaming events, or concerts, provided the attendance is beyond the 50% capacity of a given venue.

Since COVID cases are steadily declining in Japan, the government now intends to lift the previous restrictions in an effort to slowly return to normalcy. Attendees will still have to wear face masks despite the relaxation of some rules and regulations.

Former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay addressed the good news on Twitter. He wrote:

“The ‘clap crowd’ era has officially gone. Today I just f**ing partied with an audience in Japan. Haven’t felt that in three years and its one of the main reasons I fell in love with Japanese wrestling. … Today was everything for me, man.”

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