Will Ospreay – ‘Great-O-Khan’s Social Media Posts Are So Funny’


During a recent interview with Fightful, NJPW star Will Ospreay shared his perspective on United Empire stablemate The Great-O-Khan’s wacky social media posts.

Ospreay noted that Khan’s goals are to make as much money as possible and get laid as many times as he can.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Great-O-Khan’s social media game: “He just makes me laugh because his social media is so funny. All the things that you shouldn’t say, he just says it. But because it’s coming from him, it’s really funny. I bought a Versace dressing gown when I came back to do the Tokyo Dome match against Okada. I bought all the boys it because I just wanted to say thank you for doing the part of the work that I should have been doing. So I got them all Versace dressing gowns.”

On Great-O-Khan posting a photo with himself and some girls: “He uploaded a photo of him with a couple girls in the gown and then I translated the tweet and it’s like, ‘I have sex with many ladies.’ I’m like, ‘You’re not meant to write this!’ But, man, I’ve got videos on my photo where he’s like hanging off of walls and he’s barely standing. He’s such a sweet dude. I f**king love him. He loves professional wrestling, but he’s like, ‘I want to make money. I want to have sex with loads girls and enjoy myself.’ I was like, ‘Well, as long as it’s all consensual, I’m all good with you.’”

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