Will Ospreay on His Most Anticipated G1 Bout, AEW, and More


Will Ospreay recently did an Instagram story Q&A. In this Q&A, he touches on why he feels like New Japan is a perfect fit for him, a potential working relationship with AEW, and girlfriend, Bea Priestly who is referred to as Mrs:

Will Ospreay can’t wait to face Tanahashi:

“Tanahashi. This is legitimately the match I’ve wanted ever since I came here.
“‘Attack for the next generation.’ He attacked enough for us to have a roof over my head. I would like to repay the favour. It’s my turn to attack.”

Will Ospreay on not wanting to leave NJPW:

“Everyone thinks about it but NJPW is everything I want and more. The fact that me & the Mrs work for 2 different companies we can live out together & conquer our companies is the best.”

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Will Ospreay on NJPW eventually working with AEW:

“I would love NJPW to work with AEW but I think it’s best we do our own projects for and join later on. One thing is for sure I can’t wait to see the Mrs out there.”

Will Ospreay on if NJPW would be better off abolishing weight divisions:

“Absolutely not. But it should be treated equally in my mind. Like outside the BOSJ last year, I think the Jr Heavyweights main evented once. I can’t remember who.
“I think we need more focus put on us. Which is why I wanted to do the G1 as champ, I win this with the Jr title on my shoulder it automatically elevates the title.”

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