Will Ospreay Says Hannibal Should Be Charged Over Stabbing Incident


As we’ve been reporting here on eWn, Hannibal (Devin Nicholson) was involved in an incident during World Class Revolution’s “Christmas Star Wars” event this past weekend. During the match, Hannibal proceeded to stab referee Lando Deltoro multiple times in the head with a spike. While the attack was reportedly pre-planned, Hannibal took things way too far and it led to Deltoro being taken to the hospital.

Will Ospreay took to Twitter on Tuesday to react to the incident, saying,

“I hate cancel culture more than anyone. But when another persons life is in danger there should be no question. The business is about trust & at times can be the Wild West but once that trust is abused it can not be repaired. Unacceptable”.

Ospreay also noted that he believes Hannibal should be charged over the incident. He said,

“Even talking to a few people and you’re right it’s not even about cancel culture this is actually assault and it’s not on. This man should be charged for this.”

Hannibal took to YouTube following the incident and said that he was unaware Deltoro was legitimately hurt.

A GoFundMe for Deltoro has been set up at this link.

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