Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay Says His Current NJPW Deal Is Almost Up


NJPW wrestler Will Ospreay was a recent guest of The Sessions With Renee Paquette podcast, and he revealed that his current deal is almost up. Ospreay also discussed traveling to Japan, working in the United States, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


Enjoying his time at home in England: “My main thing is that I’m a little bit of a family boy. The best thing about New Japan is that I can come do my s**t, and then go back home. I can go back and forth. I go business class now, Renee. I get to lay down! The lady came over and went ‘do you want a mattress softener?’ I went oh! Go on, then! I go in the airport in Zubaz, I look like a right c***, I’m sorry to say it. But I like being comfy!”

Spending time with his parents and family: “My main thing is I don’t mind doing the back and forth because then that way I get time to spend time with my family. I’m in a new position in life now, where I want to be there. Especially with my grandparents are getting older, me mum and dad’s getting older. I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen, but right now, the most important thing is like happiness, innit?”

His thoughts on competing in America: “I’m fairly positive that me and New Japan will work something out. I’m also along the same lines of like… for the first time, I kind of had a moment that I only dipped my toes into America. I’ve never really stretched out there. I’ve had one foot in the door and everything else been out. So there is that part of me that is … maybe it is time to change things up, maybe it’s time for me to see what is on the other side?”

His love for New Japan: “My heart belongs here. This house is because of New Japan. Everything I’ve ever done. Man, I love that place so much. It’s gonna be a tough road when it does come up, but it is one of those things where you just have to take things how they go.

“The thing is, I’m getting paid very nice over in New Japan. I’m not like, I don’t know, Adam Cole. I love him, he’s a lovely boy. I’m not on Adam Cole money, d’ya know what I mean? But I’m on fairly decent money. It’s a huge weight off me shoulders, especially right now, I’ve got loads of bills coming in. I’m in a comfortable position where I can pay that and buy me suits. We’re in a good position.”

Having creative freedom in NJPW: “With New Japan, I kinda get to know whatever the f*** I want. Especially promos, I don’t feel I could do a promo without saying c***. My IQ in wrestling is amazing, my IQ in real life is f****** dogs***, love. I’m doing me best. I’m learning to read, that’s kind of a good incentive there. I’m doing my best. I’ve got it good, I’ve hacked the Matrix, I don’t need to deal with anyone, and they kind of just go, ‘alright, here’s the match, do a good match.’ And I go ‘okay, yes sir.'”

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