Will Ospreay Says It’s Not The Right Time To Join WWE


Will Ospreay recently spoke with ESPN.com about his career and more. Here are the highlights.

On winning the ROH TV Title from Bobby Fish: “Ah man, that was cool,” Ospreay said. “No one can argue with the pedigree and the prestige of Ring of Honor. To walk in there and straight away go for Bobby Fish — man, it was a huge, huge deal.”

On possibly going to WWE: “I’m in a win-win situation,” he said. “I’m working for the best company in the world, hands down. New Japan treat me so well. I just feel like right now it’s not the time for me,” he added regarding a potential move to WWE. “Trust me when I say this, WWE has always been the thing I’ve grown up watching — guys like Paul Heyman, who I’ve met, and Matt Hardy, who I’ve met. So many names who I can mention who have inspired me. The WWE will be the dream; however, I wanna go in there with a big splash. I don’t wanna go in there and be thrown in the shallow end of the pool. I wanna be thrown in the deep end, and trust me when I say it, I’ll swim.”

On AJ Styles: “Man, he’s my hero,” Ospreay said of Styles’ journey to WWE superstardom. “He’s the sole reason I got into professional wrestling.”

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