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NewsWilliam Regal Discusses Putting Family Before Wrestling

William Regal Discusses Putting Family Before Wrestling



William Regal will be returning soon to WWE, having been written off of AEW television as part of his storyline with MJF. Regal is expected to be a coach and work in a backstage role with WWE.

On the final episode of his “Gentleman Villain” podcast, Regal spoke about the need for wrestlers to put family first, and that the wrestling business doesn’t owe wrestlers anything. You can read some of his comments below:

What wrestling “owes you:” “I’ve said this before, you come into this job with nothing. You leave it with nothing. You gonna be crippled up, and don’t forget: the job owes you nothing, and you’re in a completely bent business. But the job’s everything.”

Being present when his son Bailey was born: “Now I look back and I’m somewhat ashamed of the fact that I shouldn’t have even gone away that summer. My wife was pregnant – what was I doing, going to England? I should have stayed in America so I could be with her. The one good thing I can say about 1996 was that I was with [my wife] when our Bailey [Charlie Dempsey in NXT] was born. It is what it is. It was the way it was.”

Giving family advice to an AEW wrestler: “I’ve just recently given that advice. I won’t say who because he’s somebody I think the world of. That his dad wasn’t well, and this was on a Wednesday night at Dynamite. He said, ‘My dad’s not well and I’m not sure if I’m even doing anything on Rampage, but I can be back the next week.’ I said, ‘you need to go and talk to Tony, and you need to go home.’ And he went, and he came back for the following Wednesday. And he thanked me for talking him into that. So I’ve done a complete one-eighty on the way I think. Your family comes first.”

Spending more time with his youngest son: “Once I got to the WWE, my youngest son got the most of me, unless I was on European or foreign tours of some type. I always had that two and a half days a week at home. Before that, there was times in England when I was away for nine months. It’s not good for your children. My wife, bless her, has had to bring up my children when I’ve just been away because of the job. And in one way, you have to, because otherwise you didn’t get paid. It’s like working when you’re hurt. But it was just… priorities. And now, I look at things in a different priority.”

How sorry he is for not putting family first: “My family should have come first. I’m greatly sorry to my wife and my children, especially my eldest, that I wasn’t there a lot because I always put work first. Because that was the way I was brought into the job. And I think it’s not the best attitude.”

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