William Regal Dislikes The Term “Mark” And Explains Why


William Regal is not a fan of the term “mark,” and he recently explained why.

Regal was a guest on Stories With Brisco and Bradshaw, and during the conversation, he talked about how that term isn’t used in England. This was especially true when he was coming up in the business. He also explained why he doesn’t like it in terms of being an insult to the fans.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the term not being used in the UK: “No, never ever used that term. Never. And nor does anybody [in England]. The term in Britain is a “punter.” And John [Layfield] will know that because he lives where he lives [in Bermuda]. But a punter isn’t a bad word. A punter is just somebody who’s a fan of something, or takes a bet on something. It’s not a bad word. If you call somebody a mug punter, that’s about as close to being the word “mark” as you can. That means they’re an idiot. Everybody’s a punter in England. If you go to horse racing, they call themselves punters. It’s just, ‘Oh, you’re a soccer punter,’ or you’re a… So that term was never used, ever. I never heard that until I started hearing it from American wrestlers.”

On why he doesn’t use it: “Because that’s to me, if you think like that or call your audience that, that’s all you’ll ever give them. If you look down — would you like to spend money and go to see anybody you liked in a theater or in a band, thinking that they thought you were an idiot? And that’s what wrestlers do, and I don’t get that.”

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