William Regal Gives Advice To Young Talents, Rumble


— Pro wrestling journalist Bill Apter suffered an intestinal problem last week which resulted in his first trip to the emergency room. He canceled his scheduled weekend appearance at WrestleReunion in Los Angeles, California as his doctor advised him not to fly. He was also advised to make some modifications to his diet.

— WWE Royal Rumble was a trending topic today on the front page of Yahoo.com.

— William Regal posted a lengthy note on his Twitter account with advice on what it takes to be professional wrestler and even a WWE Superstar.

After listing the numerous facets of wrestling training, he wrote of WWE: “To make it in the WWE you have to be very adaptable and willing to make any character or opportunity work. Here’s some very good advice. Make a list of the worst possible situations and character traits you be asked to do. Now make up a character and promos involving those traits and work on perfecting that character and promo (on your own otherwise you’ll get locked up). Make those things second nature. Now you’ve taken away some of your fears so whatever you are asked to do should be easier.Dont skip this task. Very few people who come to the WWE end up being the character they envisioned.”

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