William Regal Offers High Praise To Eddie Guerrero


WWE Hall Of Famer Eddie Guerrero is widely recognized as one of the greatest performers the professional wrestling industry has ever seen. Recently, WWE NXT General Manager William Regal took to Twitter to praise Guerrero, who he said was “1000 notches” above great. Here’s what Regal had to say:

“Eddie was 1000 notches above great.A note to all the teachers who teach people to take off on 2 feet.This shows why it’s redundant as your always on the move. You do a disservice to your opponent if you flop over!”

Guerrero was a former WWE Champion, four-time Tag Team Champion, United States Champion, and two-time Intercontinental Title winner. He unexpectedly passed away in November of 2005 in the prime of his career. It was later determined Guerrero passed away due to heart failure by way of an undetected heart condition.

He has influenced many of today’s WWE stars who rule the company, such as former WWE RAW Women’s Champion Sasha Banks.

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