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William Regal Reacts To Being Suspended From WWE Due To A Wellness Policy Violation



AEW star William Regal was a recent guest on the “AEW Unrestricted” podcast.

During the podcast, Regal addressed his suspension from World Wrestling Entertainment for 60 days back in 2008 due to a Wellness Policy violation and why it actually turned out to be a good thing for him. Of course, this suspension came during his run as the King of the Ring.

Additionally, Regal commented on his storyline with Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore, his wrestling career as a whole, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his storyline with Eugene: “The Eugene story, if you actually watch that week by week and the actual things that we did, it was an incredible story. But if you just watch bits of it, it doesn’t quite (look as good). If you watch the actual story play out, it was done incredibly well. We got to show our acting chops a bit in that.”

On his King of the Ring storyline: “The King of the Ring thing, I had an idea of completely changing up something about myself. Once I got to WWE I was either doing serious stuff, or I was always on live events, but I was on TV sometimes. If I was, it was either a little bit of serious stuff, or some incredibly entertaining things, which I thrive on. This was a very serious role.

“No need to get into why I got suspended, I still don’t really know. I’ve no reason to lie about that. If it had gone a different day and age, and wasn’t what had happened near to that time, it wouldn’t have even come up. But when I was out of it, within a week of being home I thought, ‘I am glad I got out of that.’ Because I was going down a dark path with that. Because I was studying a lot of the world’s dictators. I was trying to get into a real different mindset, and it drags you down.”

On the suspension being a good thing in the end: “Whatever I was given I was just going with it. I came up with the look and everything. But I was always very happy to just do what I was asked to do. I was never one for going to try to get stuff, ‘what do you need?’ ‘Yep, It’s done.’ And they trusted me, and I had great trust with WWE to just do that. But once I went down that path, because I had done so much comedy and whatever else.

“I was getting down a very dark path, so that’s a very memorable one. Because I did get suspended, but I also think it was a good thing. Because I didn’t want to go back to a dark place that I was going through. I had some health issues anyway at the time. But I didn’t want to go to a place that I’d been to in the 90s, that would have probably lost me my family. I really got into that.”

On his wrestling career: “Can I just say, my career, for anybody interested, don’t ever waste a second-ever trying to discuss my career. I know what I am. But I will say, I was just me and I plodded along. My career looks so much better in GIFs than it ever did in reality, because they just put the good bits. So just watch the GIFs, don’t try and watch all the 20, 30-minute boring wrestling matches. Just watch the stuff when I am throwing people around and you’ll probably think a lot more of me.”

(h/t – Wrestling Inc)

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