Will Ospreay

William Regal Reveals The Advice He Gave To Will Ospreay


William Regal was a recent guest on the Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip.

Regal spoke about some advice he gave to Will Ospreay when the latter did some work with AEW. He said,


“I said there’s only one thing. I said you did that incredible thing there, but you did that facing away from the cameras. A few weeks later, everything he did, he did towards the cameras.”

Regal also joked about someone as talented as Ospreay coming to him for advice. Regal added, “What are you asking me for? As good as you are, why do you need to ask me? There’s a trick to wrestling. If you have a great face, make sure that people can see it. If you don’t, keep moving.”

William Regal recently re-joined WWE in a backstage role. His son, Charlie Dempsey, is currently a prospect on the NXT brand.

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