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NewsWilliam Regal Talks WWE Return, Being Happy Out Of The Spotlight

William Regal Talks WWE Return, Being Happy Out Of The Spotlight



William Regal returned to WWE late last year after a successful stint in AEW. Regal has resumed a backstage role with WWE, where his son Charlie Dempsey is currently an NXT prospect. Regal recently appeared on the “Distraction Pieces” podcast to talk about his return to the Fed.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

His return to WWE: “It’s as if nothing’s ever happened and nothing’s changed in the slightest. It’s weird. Anybody listening that’s young –- I know you don’t like listening to older people –- but make the most of every second you have on this Earth, because … you get to a certain age and you hear it from all old people, time goes so quickly and we waste a lot of it.”

Being in the background at WWE: “I’m doing nothing else about anything or wrestling or anything for at least a year and I’m happy with that. I’m quite happy being in the background. I’m quite happy not being in the limelight. And I have been for many years. I had my time.”

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