William Regal On If The UK Tournament Was A Response To ITV, Reveals If Will Ospreay & Marty Scurll Were Considered


WWE NXT GM William Regal participated in a press conference following the WWE UK Title Tournament, and Rebellious Noise has released footage of the Q&A.

During the conference, William Regal spoke on top UK talents Marty Scurll and Will Ospreay, and noted they were considered for the WWE UK tournament as well as the WWE Cruiserweight Classic, but were unavailable because they were “doing other things.”

Regal went on to elaborate the nature of the business means sometimes you can get certain talents and sometimes you cannot. Regal went on to praise how well guys like Ospreay and Scurll do for themselves.

Regal was also asked about the opinion some people have that the WWE UK tournament was in response to ITV in the UK possibly acquiring a pro wrestling show, and Regal shot down the opinion. Regal said the UK tournament was not something they just “put together” and that “we know what we’re doing”. Regal went on to note that a lot of the talents in the UK tournament were names who attended WWE tryouts back in November of 2016 in Glasgow, and that WWE has been scouting the talent for quite sometime.

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