William Shatner Supports Bret Hart, John Cena Essay, Rock


— There are images of The Rock on the set of Pain and Gain, grilling a prosthetic hand (events depicted in the bodybuilding comedy movie) as well as images of his with Israeli-born model Bar Pal. You can check out those images at cinemablend.com and at dailymail.co.uk .

— The BBC has an article up on The Assembly Rooms on George Street” being re-opened in Edinburgh, Scotland. In the article, they note that Mick Foley will be one of the first acts to perform at the revamped building, which originally opened in 1787.

— A press release was sent out today revealing that Bret Hart is currently in second place behind Phil Hartman to be added to Canada’s Walk of Fame. It also notes that Hart has received support from William Shatner and the March of Dimes organization. Hart had the following comments on the campaign… “For the people of Canada to have spoken up for me like this, it’s such a huge sign of respect and appreciation, that I can’t tell you how much it means to me. The fact that no wrestler has ever been given that honor, I personally feel it’s a little overdue.”

USA Today (USAToday.com) has published an essay written by WWE top star John Cena on his role as the top wish-giver in Make-a-Wish history. You can read an excerpt below…

“April 29 is World Wish Day, which celebrates Chris’ legacy with wishes being granted worldwide. It’s a day to think about how wishing makes our world better.

How do I know? I’m not just a wrestler, actor and rap artist. I am a wish-granter.

Through Make-A-Wish, I have granted the wishes of hundreds of children with life-threatening medical conditions. And I get to watch each wish experience transform lives.

Of all the tough guys I tangle with in the WWE ring, I’ve never encountered more bravery or toughness than I see in each wish kid I meet.”

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