Willie Mack Discusses Other Promotions Calling Him Up, His Mix Of Styles, Lucha Underground


ESPN recently interviewed Lucha Underground star Willie Mack, who discussed his desire to stay in Lucha Underground for putting money and time into his career. Below are some highlights.

Mack on his mix of styles: “I developed [my style] because I started off training in lucha libre wrestling, and then I transitioned over to American wrestling and mixed the two together so I could have my own style. And I mix in the hard-hitting Japanese style ’cause I don’t want to be the typical big dude, like as soon as people see me they think I’m going to be like a tank and slow the show down. But I could move as fast as the little dudes, if not quicker, and pull stuff off that people haven’t seen before from a bigger dude. That’s what I want to be. I don’t want to be a typical big guy.”

Mack on if other promotions will call him up: “If Lucha Underground keeps me, yeah, I’ll stay with Lucha Underground. If other companies come up, probably not, because [Lucha Underground] put money and time into me, and it seems like they’re taking more to make me a star, besides like the other places have me there and I get lost in the shuffle. Yeah, I want to do this as long as my body holds up and as long as the people want me to.”

Mack on connecting with the fans: “Everybody knows who Willie Mack is. I used to be a fan myself. I think a lot of people connect with me because I used to be in the crowd. Like every wrestling show around California, you’ll see me in the crowd. You look at old videos and those people used to hang out with me. I guess they’re like, ‘Man, that’s one of our friends. Somebody we know personally in that ring making us look good and proud.’”

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