Willie Mack Talks The Return Of Lucha Underground, Would He Ever Come Back To WWE Or PWG, More


Current Lucha Underground star Willie Mack recently spoke with UPROXX about a plethora of wrestling topics. Mack & UPROXX talked the return of Lucha Underground (which is this Wednesday), a potential PWG or WWE return, Stone Cold and much more.

Here are the highlights:

The Gap In Lucha Underground That Put A Hold On His Title Feud With Johnny Mundo:

“Yes, sucks, but it helped build it. Cause like y’all was expecting it that last week, but nope. We’re starting off with it for the start of the second-half of season 3. So, hopefully more people will be ready for it, because I’m ready for it. Cause, hell, I ain’t got nothing to watch on Wednesday nights really.”

Willie’s Favorite Match In Lucha Underground:

“I guess the one with me and Cage; The two Ultima Lucha matches.”


His Favorite Person To Wrestle In The World:

“Favorite person to wrestle would probably be Scorpio Sky and I guess a dream opponent will be 2 Cold Scorpio, or Flash Funk. Cause he was like, one of the innovators of the high-flying stuff for heavy black people.”

A PWG Or WWE Return:

“I don’t know, it’s up to them. Cause everybody be like, they’ll ask me questions like that, they’ll be like, “Oh wouldn’t go out back to this and that?” It’s like, I ain’t got no power to do that, that’s up to the promoters. Once they stop acting dumb and getting they’re head out they’re ass, that’s when I’ll be there. Until, then, I won’t.”

His Goals In Lucha Underground:

“Well my goals with Lucha Underground is to have good-ass matches and probably collect some gold along the way. Like some kind of championships and then my overall goal is just keep having fun while I can. I want to wrestle in India, probably a little more in Europe, then go back to Japan and hopefully see myself in a video game one day and that’s about it. Pretty much…. oh and an action figure and that’s about it.”

Willie Mack On Does He Have Fun Delivering Stunners:

“I guess so. It’s fun, it’s just like cause I grew up as a kid watching Austin. It’s like, it’s effective, because like I said, it don’t matter if you tall, skinny, fat, whatever it is, anybody can get hit with a Stunner. Well, except Linda McMahon.”

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