Willow Nightingale On Being Part Of The Women’s Roster In The New ROH


In an interview with Busted Open Radio, AEW wrestler Willow Nightingale expressed her excitement to be part of the women’s division in the new Ring of Honor.

Nightingale main evented Thursday’s episode of Ring of Honor on Honor Club against reigning ROH Women’s Champion Athena. She said,


“Being part of Ring of Honor has been really rewarding to see the way it’s been rebooted. When I first started working there was when Maria Kanellis and Bobby Cruise really launched a women’s division. Cary Silkin pulled me and a few other girls aside and was like, ‘You guys are awesome. We’ve had a lot of great women walk through the doors, but we’ve never had a division like this before.’ For me, all about women’s empowerment and feminism, ‘Hell yeah, I love to hear that.’ I was a little crushed when we were told we weren’t continuing on with Ring of Honor. To be part of the new regime is exciting, it’s a fresh take on it, we’ve featured women and had two women’s matches on each show and [Thursday], Athena and I main evented, which is awesome. Not only two women, but two black women main eventing the second show ever. For some people, that doesn’t matter, but for people who grew up like me and didn’t see stuff like that, we’ve come a long way.“

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