Win a chance to get a call Dixie Carter


       Become the 300,000. To follow Dixie Carter on Twitter, and win a phone call from Snaggy Naggy herself. 

 She currently at 299k followers and like most elderly women is desperate to talk to anyone. So yes you can talk to the worst wrestling executive ever. 

In comparison, here are the WWEs top 20 stars on Twitter and the number of followers.

1. The Rock (6.76 million)2. John Cena (5.89 million)3. Randy Orton (3.34 million)4. C.M. Punk (2.14 million)5. The Miz (1.70 million)6. Zack Ryder (1.54 million)7. Rey Mysterio (1.48 million)8. HHH (1.43 million)9. Big Show (1.41 million)10. Daniel Bryan (1.33 million)11. Sheamus (1.28 million)12. Kofi Kingston (1.26 million)13. A.J. Lee (1.26 million)14. Dolph Ziggler (1.11 million)15. Mick Foley (989,000)16. R-Truth (986,000)17. Bella Twins (969,000)18. Jerry Lawler (938,000)19. Ryback (906,000)20. Booker T (903,000).

Dead celebrities with more Twitter followers

Michael Jackson


 Amy Winehouse


Yes, dead people and retired wrestlers have more followers on twitter than Snaggy Naggey.


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