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World Of Sport Wrestling Returning To ITV For Special Show – Official Details


ITV issued us the following press release:

World of Sport Wrestling makes a historic and triumphant return to ITV for a one-off special, with an exciting mix of fast paced action and family fun for all.

30 years after the original ended, ITV brings together the UK’s top wrestling talent in a spectacular display of their sport; a showcase for the next generation of WOS Wrestling.

This two hour special will see some of the finest pro wrestlers in the UK such as ‘Grado’, ‘Mastiff and ‘Viper’ compete in front of a live studio audience across seven rounds of fast-paced and intense bouts. At the end of the show only one fighter will take home the WOS Wrestling Championship belt.

From singles to knockout rounds, tag team bouts and ladder matches where fighters must be the first to the top of a ladder and physically grab a suitcase to win, through to a seven-man elimination fight, each and every fighter is in it to win it.

Hosting the highly anticipated television event and commentating as the action unfolds is world-renowned wrestling commentator Jim Ross, alongside professional British wrestler and commentator Alex Shane.

Between rounds, the action moves backstage to hear from the wrestlers and get their reactions to the unfolding drama in the ring, be it triumph or anguish. They’ll also hear from WOS Wrestling’s general manager Mr Beesley.

Reminding viewers of the history of WOS Wrestling, the one-off will also take a look back at the original World of Sport Wrestling, with archive footage and interviews with wrestling heroes of the past including “Rollerball” Rocco, Johnny Saint and Klondyke Kate.

Speaking about the historic return of WOS Wrestling commentator Jim Ross said: “I’ve been blessed to have had a 40 year plus broadcast career, but can honestly say being part of ITV Studio’s production of World of Sport Wrestling has been a career highlight for me. The wrestling talent assembled is brilliant on all levels and they have succeeded in living their wrestling dream on this iconic brand. World of Sport Wrestling lives again!”

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