Would Batista Return To WWE?, Details Inside


During a Q&A session at Comic-Con last week, Dave Batista commented on a potential WWE return. Here is what he had to say… I’m not against going back. It’s just definitely not going to be this year.

When asked in February of this year about leaving WWE and a possible return, he said: “The reason I left was the PG direction the company took, it got too corny for me. I was a hug fan of the edgy era of DX, Stone Cold Steve Austin and those guys. The change in direction really ruined it for me. It’s well recorded I’m not a fan of the likes of John Cena or The Miz. It’s such a different company these days and not in a good way.

If I did return to the WWE, it would be for a run not just a one-shot deal. I’d have to be a constant for them not someone who drifts in and out to boost ratings. If I did I’d love to work with Triple H again or Undertaker. They are the best workers there in my opinion and they’d make it worthwhile to return. The show would have to change though, so I can’t see my return being anytime soon can you?

For me, the WWE is the number one wrestling organization. I’d hate to end my career somewhere that’s a step down. If I go out, I go out on top and working for the company on top.”

It was announced late last week that Batista’s first professional MMA fight is set for October. The WWE alumni will fight October 6 in a bout promoted by CES. He will be fighting Rashid Evans (not the UFC’s Rashad Evans) in a heavyweight fight. The card will be televised, though details aren’t known. The fight is two years after Batista first announced his intention to go into MMA after he left WWE. He nearly fought with Strikeforce but that fizzled out and he opened an MMA gym in Florida.

After the news broke, Batista posted to Twitter:

I’m making my MMA debut oct 6th live on PPV check it! BOOOOM there’s the announcement. Sorry haters!

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