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WOW Founder David McClane On The Company Going On Tour In The Future, More



In a recent interview with Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald, WOW – Women of Wrestling founder and CEO David McLane discussed future plans regarding where he plans to take his company moving forward.

McClane explains why WOW is not ready to tour yet: “As of today, the WOW Women of Wrestling is better served on television. It’s not ready to tour yet. Everyone sees the difficulty of hitting the road immediately. We’re still only 13-14 weeks into the brand-new season of WOW on television. We need help. We need every fan that watches on TV to be getting on social media and building up WOW.”

McLane also commented on his ultimate objective, but wanting to take it slow for the time being: “We need to be lifted up, that’s what the WOW Superheroes need, they need air under their wings. When that happens, the brand awareness, the knowledge of who these performers are, then we can look at touring. That’s an ultimate goal of my business partner Jeanie Buss. She wants to bring WOW coast to coast, city to city, but we’re not ready yet and we don’t want to be too early in attempting to do it. For now, it’s a television event that you get to see every week in every market across the country.”

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