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NewsWOW: Superheroes' Razor Discusses Her Transition From Fan To Competitor

WOW: Superheroes’ Razor Discusses Her Transition From Fan To Competitor



One of those competitors of WOW: Superheroes, Razor, recently spoke to Uproxx about her transition from a fan to a competitor:

As a little girl watching wrestling I always felt like I wasn’t big enough to be a wrestler and I wasn’t cute enough to be the kind of wrestler I was seeing on TV a lot more as I got older. It was women who had to look a certain way, basically like models. And as I got older, hit puberty, I was like, “Oh, well, I am neither tall nor hot, so I can’t really do this.” And so I kind of gave up on the dream for a while. And eventually, as an adult, it kind of dawned on me one day, when have I ever let anything stop me from something that I wanted to do? I never have, whether it’s my size or whatever.

So I googled it, I looked into it, and more than anything, what I found myself wishing was, “I wish GLOW was still around,” because that was the kind of wrestler that I want to be. I want to be full of character. I want to be full of life. I want to be someone who’s more than just, “Oh, she can do a moonsault, cool.” And so I eventually found out that WOW existed and it was like my dream come true. And then to try out and get into my dream – it’s basically been a year of dreams for me. It’s pretty awesome.

I didn’t have as much trouble with it as I know some people did. Some people feel like they lose their love of wrestling when they make that transition because don’t get me wrong, everyone who wrestles was a fan of wrestling at some point. It’s how you become a wrestler, and you don’t make it as a wrestler if that’s not how you feel.

And it can be hard to continue to be a fan once you know too much, right? Once you see behind the curtain, once you’re analyzing everything, right? Do basketball players like watching basketball as much? Probably not because they are kind of forced to watch it a lot, right? So it’s a similar thing where I’m very nitpicky now when I watch, I’m criticizing things when I watch. “Oh, I would have done this, I would have done that.” So that’s been kind of the hardest hurdle, but I found that generally I am able to separate the fan part of myself from the working part of myself and to be able to sit and enjoy a match, and I think I’m better at it than a lot of other people.

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