WrestleMania 28: Rock vs. Cena On NBC Ratings


Credit: TV By The Numbers

Saturday night’s WrestleMania 28 special on NBC averaged 2.73 million viewers for the night. That number is down 33% from last year’s WrestleMania 27 special, which did 3.64 million viewers. Ouch! Exact final ratings numbers will be available later this week. The show did rise from hour one to hour two, from 2.60 million to 2.85 million viewers.

The show put NBC at #3 for the night behind CBS, who had the Houston Texans vs. New Orleans Saints pre-season game, and ABC which had the NASCAR Cup. FOX had re-runs.

Here are the viewerships for the last for WrestleMania NBC specials:

8/29/09 – WM25 special averaged 3.97 million viewers

8/6/10 – WM26 special averaged 1.78 million viewers (hurt by pre-emptions)

8/13/11 – WM27 special averaged 3.64 million viewers

8/25/12 – WM28 special averaged 2.73 million viewers

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