WrestleMania 28 Ticket Sales, Bennett/Storm/ROH Hype


Partial Source: Pwtorch.com

— The Pro Wrestling Torch reports that 57,000 advance tickets have been sold for WrestleMania 28. The plan is for SunLife Stadium in Miami to set up for around 63,000 seats once the set is finalized. Monday’s RAW in Minneapolis drew 9,900 fans including a strong walk-up of 1,200 tickets sold.

— For the February 28th episode of WWE SmackDown, which takes place in Seattle, Washington, Daniel Bryan vs. The Big Show is being advertised locally.

— In hyping their upcoming match for ROH, Mike Bennett had the following to say about his opponent Lance Storm… “This is a great opportunity for Lance Storm. A chance for him to hear the fans chant ‘you still got it’ and ‘welcome back’ and for him to get that feel good moment one more time. But that is all it will be Lance, just…one…moment. See this is Ring of Honor; this is my showcase, my stage to show the world why I’m the best damn entertainer this sport has ever seen and I will not have my spotlight leeched off of by you. You were great and your matches with Danielson and Hero were epic, but that last one was over two years ago Lance, and in that time your body has only gotten older while mine has been honed into a finely tuned wrestling machine. Maybe after Ft. Lauderdale, after what I put you through in front of the entire world on iPPV, you’ll seriously consider hanging up your boots, and don’t worry, my Maria will be there to see it first hand! Just keep your hands off her you pervert.”

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