WrestleMania 31 To Be More Interactive Than Ever


Credit: San Jose Mercury News

During the press conference for WrestleMania 31, Vince McMahon and San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York both talked a lot about how Levi’s Stadium is planning to be the most technologically-advanced sports arena worldwide. The stadium will include a high-speed WiFi connection and WWE is looking to bank big on that. McMahon promised that the show would “set a new standard” and be “the most interactive experience in WrestleMania history.”

York said in a statement, “The vision for the stadium has always been to bring together all that is special about the Bay Area through the use of innovation and technology. WWE is certainly a model for innovation as they have perfectly blended the worlds of sports and entertainment. We look forward to providing the most technologically-integrated WrestleMania experience ever.”

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