WrestleMania 37 News – Show Delayed Due To Weather, Who’s Backstage?, More


Everyone inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame are backstage at WrestleMania 37.

Peyton Royce is backstage at WrestleMania 37 despite not being booked.

Miro is in Tampa, FL for WrestleMania. Obviously, he’s there with his wife Lana.

WWE has tied the cardboard cutouts down with rubber bands so they won’t be blowing away in the severe weather.

WWE officially kicked off WrestleMania 37 with a 35+ minute weather delay. For the second time on Saturday night, all fans in Raymond James Stadium were told to exit their seats and head to the concourse. This happened just as the show was going on the air. Due to this, Michael Cole told fans watching at home that the weather was forcing a delay. The company then desperately tried to fill time, shooting to unscripted promos backstage, the pre-panel, and airing video packages.

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