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Steve Keirn on The FCW Story

WrestleMania IX Backstage Story: True Reason For Two Doink The Clowns Revealed (Video)


In a special clip not included in WWE’s new original documentary, “A Future WWE: The FCW Story,” the true story behind the reason for two Doink the Clowns at WrestleMania IX was finally explained.

Following the premiere of the aforementioned “The FCW Story” special on the WWE Network on Sunday, WWE released an “Extra Clip” on their official YouTube channel.

In the video, Steve Keirn from the old FCW developmental territory for WWE back in the day, explains the full story behind himself appearing as the second Doink the Clown after “hiding under the ring for five hours” at WrestleMania IX.

The official description for the video reads as follows:

The true story behind WrestleMania’s two Doinks: A Future WWE: The FCW Story extra

FCW President Steve Keirn talks about hiding under the ring for the duration of WrestleMania IX, where he portrayed a Doink doppelganger. Hear more stories from Keirn on A Future WWE: The FCW Story, available now on the award-winning WWE Network.

Watch “The FCW Story Extra” video courtesy of WWE’s official YouTube channel below.

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