Wrestling Legend Says Ricochet ‘Was Going To Break’ Sheamus’ Arm With ‘Dangerous Move’


Wrestling legend ‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantell has said he thought that Ricochet was going to break the arm of Sheamus on this week’s SmackDown.

On Friday Night, Ricochet picked up an upset victory over the former WWE World Champion after a distraction by Ridge Holland inadvertently cost Sheamus the match.

Speaking on the SmackTalk podcast, Mantell said that one wrong step could’ve seriously injured the Irish Superstar when Ricochet hit the Spanish Fly:

“Let me say this. I saw that move he did [tonight], the Spanish Fly, because I’d heard the name before, and I was like, ‘What the hell is this?’ Spanish Fly means something totally different to me. But I watched it in slow-mo when they did it, what a dangerous move. I thought he was going to break his arm. One mess-up and somebody is hurt.”

Neither Ricochet nor Sheamus have commented on the Spanish Fly used in the match.

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