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Wrestling News Shuffle: Sting, NXT Injuries, The Revival and More! (2/10/2020)


It has been a busy week in professional wrestling. What are some of the biggest news stories of the week? Let’s dive in to the Wrestling News Shuffle and take a look!

Injury Bug Bites NXT

After this weeks episode of NXT, it appears a few members of its roster are battling injuries. In a NXT Injury Report videos posted to the official WWE YouTube channel, it has been confirmed that three NXT stars are suffering from injuries after this weeks episode.

Tommaso Ciampa appeared to suffer an ankle injury during the brawl before the six man tag team match with the Undisputed Era. Ciampa’s status is currently unknown.

Adam Cole suffered a cut/laceration on his head during his match with Velveteen Dream. He needed three staples in his head to close the cut, but he is not expected to miss any in ring time.

Lastly, Tyler Breeze reportedly is suffering from stiffness and back pain after his match with NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin.


Jason’s Take

From the looks of it, none of the injuries appear to be too serious and shouldn’t lead to any missed in ring time. Here is hoping that all three are on the road to a speedy recovery.

The Revival To AEW?

It has long been rumored for the past six months that The Revival has been unhappy with their roles in WWE. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that the tag team has asked for their release from the company after turning down a lucrative five year deal to re-sign with WWE. Originally, their contracts were to expire months ago, however as with most WWE contracts, an injury clause caused the contracts to extend further than the original expiration date.

Jason’s Take

WWE does have some talented tag teams on its roster, however there hasn’t been a focus on tag team wrestling in the company for some. One of the bright spots of AEW has been the renewed focus on the tag team division. The Revival would fit in with the roster, and their addition to AEW could lead to some potentially great matches with the Young Bucks, Lucha Bros, and SCU.

Wrestling With Politics ?

Throughout the course of wrestling history, many wrestlers have gone on to chase political aspirations. Whether it be Kane, Jerry Lawler, or Jesse Ventura, it goes to show there is life after wrestling. However, Congressmen Tim Ryan made a reference to pro wrestling this week that has many up in arms.

Several wrestling personalities, including Gail Kim, Jim Ross, and Paige have Tweeted rebuttals to the controversial Tweet. However, it was the Tweet from none other than Glenn Jacobs (Kane) that best summed up the situation:

Jason’s Take

Honestly, I am not big into politics, so I won’t get into them here. But, it is hard to disagree with Jacobs.

WWE Adds Two Free Agents

With all the talk of wrestlers jumping ship from WWE to AEW, WWE has happened to add two of the bigger free agents that were available. During this weeks episode of WWE Backstage, it was announced that the company has signed Timothy Thatcher and Killer Kross.

Jason’s Take

Kross was one of the bigger names a part of Impact and was a huge part of their programming in 2018 and 2019. It will be interesting to see what the company does with Kross, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him a part of the NXT brand.

Sting Returning To WWE?

As we have all learned when it comes to WWE, never say never. After the retirements of Daniel Bryan and Edge, the thought was they would never return to the ring. However, as we have seen recently, both men were able to be medically cleared and return to the ring. One of the rumors making the rounds the past few weeks is the possibility of Sting being cleared to return to the ring. According to PW Insider, there had been a push to have Sting involved in the upcoming Super ShowDown event later this month.

Jason’s Take

I would assume if Sting were ever to be medically cleared to return, the match it would be for would be a WrestleMania match with the Undertaker. However, we are probably 10 years removed from that being an intriguing match-up.

What are your thoughts on the wrestling news this week? Get the discussion going by posting your comments below!

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