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BJ Whitmer’s Sentence For Domestic Violence Case Revealed, More News



On Tuesday, BJ Whitmer was sentenced in his domestic violence case.

In an update on his sentencing, Whitmer will spend four months under house arrest for strangulation and second-degree burglary in June of 2023. Following his arrest, he was immediately terminated from AEW where he was working as a producer.

According to court records, Whitmer will be required to complete a Batterer’s Intervention Program and will be subject to an Interpersonal Protective Order for the longest allowable time under the law. He will also be under probation for five years.

O’Shay Edwards recently spoke with Tom Campbell of Cultaholic to discuss his time working in Ring of Honor throughout the company’s pandemic era, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his experience in the locker room: “Those locker rooms man, to me, that was the pinnacle of like, at the time, I made it. Like wow, I’m in this room with guys I was watching on TV, reading about, doing film study on these people and now I’m in the room with them and I’m not so much the, oh this is O’Shay, he’s the new guy or he’s the ring boy or young boy. No, he’s our co-worker, he’s our peer. To get that level of trust with those guys, to get that level of exposure with those guys. Shane Taylor and everybody else was great, believe it or not, I told people that I learned more backstage than I did actually in the ring. I would listen to Jay Lethal and Hero call matches, ‘Please keep talking.’ Gresham would call matches, don’t stop him.”

On learning the production side: “Getting a chance to actually sit in the production truck, sit in gorilla and just listen and absorb it — I take that wherever I go because for me, learning in front of the camera is one thing. That’s great, but I want to know what’s going on in the back on the camera because I wanted to know what could I do to make this guy’s job easier, you know? If I can make the camera guy’s job easier, if I can make the sound guy’s job easier, if I could make the producer’s job easier, they’re gonna want to keep working with me. That’s ultimately what happened, where I can come out and I can do my entrance and we had a rapport when I need to slow down, speed up, stop here, let the lower third happen. I’m getting such an on the job experience learning about TV and production. I wouldn’t give that time up for anything. It was a short time, it was like two years all together, but I wouldn’t give that up for nothing.”

And finally, a tribute show to the late ‘Mad Kurt’ Kurtis Chapman streamed on YouTube today. You can check out the video at the link below:

“A special tribute show is airing tonight on the below link for Kurtis Chapman who sadly passed away this year.

If you could tune in and support I know it would mean a lot, and there’s a GoFundMe, too, to help the family.



Even just watching the show I’m sure would help celebrate how much of a super good dude Kurt was.

He’s already greatly missed.”

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