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NewsOTHERElijah Addresses His Wrestling Future, Matt Cardona Wants To Face Mick Foley

Elijah Addresses His Wrestling Future, Matt Cardona Wants To Face Mick Foley



In a recent interview with “Monopoly Events,” former WWE Superstar Elijah (Elias/Ezkiel) weighed in on the future of his wrestling career, noting that he sees potential in signing with NJPW, TNA, and AEW.

Elias has been busy on the independent circuit since his WWE no-compete clause ended earlier this year.

He said, “Every one of them has their advantages and just appeal to me, just from a personal standpoint. I think it’d be cool to go to Japan and work for New Japan, just to show something that people might have not expected. They might associate me in a certain way, and I would just love to just kind of blow that expectation away. I feel like if you picture Elias or Elijah in New Japan, it’s not an immediate, obvious connection. But then I feel like if I’m put in that environment, ‘Oh, hey, guess that? This can work out too.’

The same with AEW, or TNA, I mean I love the idea. I have plenty of ideas about how to evolve my character and take it to the next step, and I feel like you need a TV audience in order to show that. So we’ll have to see what kind of opportunities come my way and which way we go, but all three of them are very appealing.”

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Matt Cardona discussed the possibility of wrestling Mick Foley in the latter’s desired final Deathmatch.

Cardona said, “It’s no secret I’ve been politicking for this match. Go back to the Hammerstein Ballroom a couple years ago, I was wearing a flannel that said ‘F**k Mick Foley.’

If he wants a deathmatch, it would only be fitting to have one against the deathmatch king. It would be the biggest match in the history of independent pro wrestling.”

There’s no word on when or if Foley’s wished-for match will happen.

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