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Francine Recalls Tommy Dreamer’s Prank On CW Anderson In ECW



On a recent edition of her “Eyes Up Here” podcast, former ECW talent Francine shared a story about a prank that Tommy Dreamer played on CW Anderson during their time in ECW.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On CW Anderson having a bad gag reflex: “CW Anderson, he had a really bad gag reflex and he would get sick if he saw somebody getting sick or something gross. It would make him want to vomit. We thought it would be funny if Tommy Dreamer stuck a brownie up his a*s and pretended to go to the bathroom in the middle of the locker room. First of all, it was my brownie, and I was pissed because I wanted to eat the brownie. I’m a team player. I sacrificed my brownie.”

On Tommy Dreamer once wrestling a brownie: “I just learned recently, someone said Tommy wrestled with the brownie. I don’t remember him wrestling with the brownie. I thought he just stuck it up his bum when he came to the back. Regardless, he had it up his pants. He was crouched over in the position, grunting, and they made me run and get CW. ‘You’re needed in the room.’ I pull him in the room, and as soon as he comes in, the brownie plops out. His a*s is bare a*s. [CW] starts gagging.”

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