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Kimber Lee Will Not Appear For Pre-Trial Hearing In Florida



Kimber Lee was set for a pre-trial hearing in her DUI case on Wednesday, April 17, at Highlands County Court in Florida.

Lee is facing charges of DUI, resisting a law enforcement officer with violence and battery concerning her arrest on May 11, 2023.

The hearing, originally set for last month, was rescheduled to Wednesday, May 22.

Lee announced her retirement from wrestling on May 6, five days before the arrest.

Pwinsider is reporting that Lee has chosen to waive her right to be present at the hearing and is not expected to attend.

According to the official police report, a Law Enforcement Officer spotted a grey Kia Soul facing the wrong direction stopped on a roadway at 4:54 PM EST on U.S. 27 and made a traffic stop.

The car began moving and drove over the land onto the paved shoulder, and “almost collided with the face of the guard rail.”

The car then turned left into the parking lot of a shopping center and finally stopped.

Lee was driving the car and was described as having “blood shot watery eyes, and she slurred as she spoke.”

The officer noted that Lee kept “forgetting why [she had been stopped] and asked me several times when (sic) I was messing with her.”

The officer further noted that he had to ask Lee several times for her driver’s license and that the retired wrestler attempted to leave the area multiple times so she could retrieve her laundry from a laundromat.

The officer explained to Lee that she was not supposed to leave but was to remain in her vehicle as she was suspected of being under the influence.

When the officer attempted to handcuff Lee, she allegedly resisted and struck him in the chest which caused him to place her under arrest for battery on a law enforcement officer.

The officer got one of the cuffs on Lee, who then allegedly “began kicking me in the chest and in my face, busting my lip and the gums in my mouth. At one point, the subject grabbed the cell phone and after I removed it from her hands and after I removed it from her hands, again I tried to place the restraints on her, and she my left hand twice hard enough to break my skin a (sic) bleed from it.”

Lee was ultimately detained and taken into custody by the Sebring, Florida Police Department, and transported to the Highlands County Jail.

The officer made contact with Lee after being treated for his injuries at a hospital and asked her to submit to a breathalyzer test.

Lee provided a sample at 10:22 PM, five hours after her initial arrest, that registered a 0.14 blood alcohol content. The legal limit in Florida is 0.08.

When asked to submit a second sample, Lee allegedly failed to comply and failed to “give a sample on purpose.” She pleaded not guilty to all of the charges on July 7, 2023.

Lee announced her retirement from wrestling on May 6, five days before the arrest.

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