Wednesday, April 24, 2024
NewsOTHERRonda Rousey Announces She's Writing A New Comic Book

Ronda Rousey Announces She’s Writing A New Comic Book


Ronda Rousey is working on bringing her creative skills to the page with a brand new comic book in the works from the former WWE Superstar.

In a recent interview with ABC News, Rousey discussed her new memoir ‘Our Fight‘ and shared her plans to create a new comic book. She said,

“I wrote this and the first one with my sister. I’ve gotten more into creative writing and stuff like that so, I started writing screenplays just for fun. My mom would write fantasy novels as a hobby when — since forever and would give them to us to read and it was such a fascinating insight into her and you’d read that like, ‘Oh my God, this is so mom’ and so, I’ve started writing a lot creatively.

“I’m an intern at the W.M.E. Story Department and I read and write coverages of scripts and things and my first comic book is coming out soon and it’s just stuff that I really enjoy and I’m a big nerd for and it’s not something to impress anybody but, the act in itself is so rewarding for me so I do it.”

Rousey left WWE following her SummerSlam 2023 ‘MMA Rules’ match loss to Shayna Baszler. She has been heavily critical of WWE & Vince McMahon since her exit.