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NewsOTHERSteph De Lander Warns Talent Of New 'Promotion' Demanding Adult Photos

Steph De Lander Warns Talent Of New ‘Promotion’ Demanding Adult Photos



Steph De Lander has brought attention to a concerning new promotion that is requesting nude photos from female wrestlers for shows.

On Twitter, De Lander warned female wrestlers who may be contacted by Marco Polo Wrestling and shared a snippet of an email a talent may receive. It reads,

“To get to know you better, we require three photos (one from the front, one from the side, and one from the back, all full body) of you naked and without makeup, as we are adult-themed. We are hiring only for a great team of makeup artists, and we would like your measurements as well for personalized swimsuits and lingerie. We would also appreciate it if you could suggest other names of individuals who could work for us.”

Marco Polo Wrestling has so far held zero events anywhere in the world, which has led some to believe the promotion is just a front.

De Lander, from Melbourne, Australia, currently competes for TNA Wrestling and has previously worked for WWE under the name Persia Pirotta.

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