Wrestling Whispers: Wrestling Rumors & Gossip – EC3 AEW Bound?


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So let’s take a look at the rumors that had everyone abuzz this past week.

Contract negotiations

A few WWE stars are in the midst of contract negotiations, leaving their status with the company up in air.

Rusev is one name who’s currently in a contract dispute with his employer. The two haven’t been able to reach an agreement, which is why The Bulgarian Brute has been MIA from television.

Aside from Rusev, The Revival are also at a standstill with their contracts. Despite being offered a new deal guaranteed to net them a 7 figure payday, The Revival have reportedly told WWE their plans to leave once their contracts expire later this year.

Another name who has fans speculating on his future with the company is EC3. AEW Champion Chris Jericho posted an Instagram photo of him and EC3. Jericho’s caption revealed that he had a long chat with EC3 and that good things were in store for the star. Jericho also tagged All Elite Wrestling in his caption, leading many to wonder if EC3 is AEW bound.

NXT Releases

While WWE is dealing with contract negotiations with the main roster, a few NXT talents are making their departure from the company.

Taynara Conti has reportedly left NXT. News broke yesterday that the star left the company due to a disagreement over money. Conti became so fed up that she even refused to work a women’s battle royal match back in January.

Conti may not be the only star to leave NXT. Rumors are swirling that NXT UK wrestler Killer Kelly is also on her way out. Fans have noticed Kelly not longer has NXT UK listed in her Twitter bio, leading to speculation that she’s not longer with WWE.

Neither star has commented about their status with the company, but that hasn’t stopped speculation on their future plans post WWE.

Jake Hager’s first match

It’s been four months since Jake Hager debuted in AEW. So far the star’s acting as a henchman for AEW Champion Chris Jericho, but we haven’t seen him compete in a match.

Well, that’s going to change soon. Hager’s first AEW match is set to take place at the Revolution PPV on February 29th in Chicago. Hager’s rumored opponent is Luchasaurus, and fans are excited to see Hager finally compete in his first match.

Kong’s injury

This week on AEW: Dark, fans got to see the disbandment of The Nightmare Collective. After losing their match, Mel and Luther unleashed a vicious attack on Kong. Following the beatdown, Kong was helped to the back by the medical staff. AEW would later send out a tweet saying King suffered a serious injury and there was no telling when she’d return.

Fans shouldn’t worry too much about Kong’s injury. The star’s injury is part of a kayfabe storyline to write her off while she films season 4 of the Netflix series GLOW.

Britt’s heel turn

For fans who’ve been enjoying Britt Baker’s heel turn, you have Kenny Omega to thank for that.

Omega is in charge of helping the women’s division and came up with the idea for Baker’s heel turn. So far Omega’s idea seems to be working as fans are intrigued by Baker’s new bad girl attitude.

That’s all for the first installment of Wrestling Whispers. What gossip will show up for next week?

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